Tie Dye Hippie Store Knoxville

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Black Tie Dye - $14.99

Having a Big Sale to make room for new inventory.  Save 30 to 50% on many items.

About Good People...

Good People is a family friendly hippie shop (not a head shop). We are dedicated to our community and a proud representative of the booming South Knoxville small business scene. We will be active in all parts of the city with our "Good People Clean Up Knoxville" program. We at Good People, along with volunteers will get together & help clean up parks, creeks,  & roadways around Knoxville.

At our shop you can find an array of hippie goodness like Tie Dye Shirts, Peace Frogs, Stickers, Sage & Smudge, Singing Bowls, & tons of Wild Berry incense.

You don't have to be "Good People" to come, but you have to be "Good People" to stay!​

We welcome diversity at Good People & will stand for nothing less! Inside our walls, one is free from judgement regarding religion, politics, orientation, color, or gender. The only ones that will feel uncomfortable, of course, are the Jerk Faces. 

So no Jerk Faces allowed!

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4026 Chapman Hwy. Knoxville, TN 37920

4026 Chapman Hwy.

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